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Many people around the world know that physical activity is healthy, but it is estimated that about 30% of people worldwide do not get enough.


Unless you have a pretty physically active job, a dedicated fitness routine is likely your best bet for getting active.


Usually, people feel they do not get enough exercise. If this sounds like you, try high-intensity interval training (HIIT).


HIIT is a broad term for workouts that involve short periods of intense exercise alternated with recovery periods.


One of the biggest advantages of HIIT is that you can get maximal health benefits in minimal time.


Below you will see the major benefits or HIIT training.


What is High-Intensity Interval Training?


HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Interestingly, it is perhaps the most time-efficient way to exercise.


The typical duration of a HIIT workout is 10-30 minutes.


Despite how short the workout is, it can produce health benefits similar to twice as much moderate-intensity exercise.


The actual activity being performed varies but can include sprinting, biking, jump rope or other body weight exercises.


For example, a HIIT workout using a stationary exercise bike could consist of 30 seconds of cycling as fast as possible against a high resistance, followed by several minutes of slow, easy cycling with low resistance.


HIIT Can Burn a Lot of Calories in a Short Amount of Time


One study compared the calories burned during 30 minutes each of HIIT, weight training, running, and biking. The study found that HIIT burned 25-30% more calories than other forms of exercise.


In the study, a HIIT repetition consisted of 20 seconds of maximal effort, followed by 40 seconds of rest.


Your Metabolic Rate is Higher for Hours After Exercise


One of the ways HIIT helps you burn calories comes after you are done exercising.


Several studies have demonstrated HIIT’s impressive ability to increase your metabolic rate for hours after exercise.


Some researchers have even found that HIIT increases your metabolism after you exercise more so than jogging and weight training.


It Can Help You Lose Fat


Studies have shown that HIIT can help you lose fat. A review looked at 13 experiments and 424 overweight and obese adults.


What’s interesting is it found that both HIIT and traditional moderate-intensity exercise can reduce body fat and waist circumference.