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Breathing Techniques for Mountain Climbers

Training for mountain climbing often begins months in advance of the climb. Athletes must be in top physical shape by performing hours of aerobic and anaerobic exercises each week. Along with improving cardiovascular and musculoskeletal strength and endurance, mountain climbers must also implement specific breathing techniques.

What to Pack on a Summer Hike

Hiking is a year-round athletic activity. Hot summers and icy winters are not deterrents for hikers, but it is important to consider the weather conditions and climate when preparing for a hike regardless of the time of year. When venturing out on a hike in the summer, there are a number of precautions to take, and packing essential supplies could make a difference in your endurance, health, and safety.

Summer 2019 Fitness Trends

Fitting in a daily workout is a priority for many of us, but some people still struggle with which exercises to do. They get bored with the same old workout routine and are looking for ways to spice things up. There are several emerging fitness trends this summer to help get you moving and enjoy your workouts again.