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Mountain climbing is one of the most thrilling yet most dangerous feats of endurance. If you’re looking for a challenge, climbing is sure fulfill your desire to test your limits. Mt. Everest is well known for being a dangerous climb, but there are many other less infamous mountains. The following are some of the other most dangerous climbs across the globe.

Vinson Massif, Antarctica

This mountain was unknown to mankind until 1958. Only 1,400 people have successfully made the climb. The elevation is 4892 meters, and the average trek takes between 7 and 21 days to complete. The bone-chilling weather presents the largest challenge. Antarctica has some of the coldest weather in the world, and the winds are often over 80 kilometres per hour. The fact that you’d be unable to get to a real hospital should an incident occur makes the climb even more dangerous.

Denali, Alaska, USA

Denali, or Mount McKinley, is the highest and most dangerous mountain in the US. The challenging weather, isolation, and latitude all contribute to its difficulty. Only 50% of climbers have reached the summit, and more than a hundred people have died attempting the climb. Denali reaches 6190 meters, which may not seem as dangerous as others on this list, but due to the high latitude the atmosphere is far thinner than at other mountains closer to the equator.

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

The Matterhorn has become a popular icon of the Alps, and as a result many people have now successfully made it to the summit of 4478 meters. The climb, which normally takes five days, however, is far from easy. More than 500 people have died since 1865, and the mountain continues to take at least a few lives every year. Falling rocks are the Matterhorn’s most dangerous obstacle, and as more people climb during the summer months, more try to avoid the crowds by making the climb during the more dangerous winter season.

K2, China and Pakistan

At 8611 meters, K2 is the second tallest mountain the world, and one of the most dangerous. It takes two months to reach its summit! One of the stretches to the top is known as the “bottleneck,” where travelers are required to climb a massive overhang of dangerous glacial ice. Pieces of this glacial ice often come crashing down, sometimes taking climbers down with them.

Annapurna, Nepal

At 8091 meters, Annapurna is only the tenth tallest peak in the world. The mountain, however, is one of the most dangerous climbs in the world, and boasts a 40% fatality rate. Annapurna is extremely dangerous due to frequent storms and avalanches. The South Face is widely regarded as the most dangerous climb on the planet.

These mountains offer climbers dangerous, and even deadly, challenges. They’ve taken hundreds of lives, but many individuals still bravely attempt to conquer these heights every year.