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Vacations usually mean a halt in physical activity and fitness but it doesn’t have to. There are a variety of clever ways to sneak in a workout without overly disturbing the vacation activities and relaxation you’ve been craving all year. Below are tips on how to sneak in a workout while on vacation.


Reset Your Expectations


The chances of you being able to keep up your usual workout regimen while on vacation are slim. So try to not set unrealistic expectations for yourself. By just remembering that accomplishing just 40 to 50 percent of what you normally do is better than nothing.


Do Your Homework


Before you leave town for your vacation, investigate the workout facilities in and around your hotel or resort. Some hotels or resorts have a fitness center of some sort on the premises. See if that fitness center suits your needs. Other hotels offer fitness classes, gyms, even walking programs. Also, check to see if there are nearby walking parks or jogging trails. Even getting a day pass for a local gym would be great for your daily workouts.


Pack it


You can fit certain fitness equipment in your suitcase like a resistance band or a jump rope. Use the resistance band for upper and lower body strength-training moves. The jump rope provides an intense cardiovascular workout in a short bout of time.


Carry a Load


Try to distribute your luggage into two smaller suitcases as opposed to packing one large suitcase with rollers. Then, hold each suitcase in each hand through the airport. Your upper torso will feel the burn.


Take Some Steps


Count your sets daily using a pedometer. Try to aim for 10,00 steps per day as you treck your way through your destination’s tourist sites.


Get Adventurous


Rent a bike, kayak, or surfboard. Many rental shops even offer lessons. Try something new on vacation, and burn a few calories while you’re at it.


Catch Up With Family


While on vacation you usually visit relatives. This year, instead of sitting around a platter of cheese and glasses of wine, take the conversation on a walk around the neighborhood. Enjoy quality time with your family while doing something good for your body at the same time.