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The holidays are typically a time of indulgence. Don’t be discouraged if you’ve had a setback, and don’t be tempted to overcorrect with extreme measures. Taking the following healthy steps will help you get back in shape after the holidays.

Don’t Overcorrect

Be cautious not to undertake any extreme measures such as skipping meals or starting an overly-vigorous exercise routine that your body is ill-prepared to handle. Remember you’ve gained weight over a period of time, so it’s unrealistic to expect to lose it instantly.

Get Back Into a Routine

The holiday season often disrupts even the most well-kept schedules. The most important step to getting back on track is to return to a healthy routine. Starting to eat on a consistent schedule again will help! Make sure that you eat healthy, balanced, and evenly spaced meals. Don’t try to overcorrect if you slipped up by cutting back on or skipping meals. This has the opposite of the intended effect, and will only make you feel more tired and slow down your metabolism.

Return to a healthy exercise pattern, even if you have to start slowly. Start by participating in activities you enjoy, such as going for walks. Reestablishing your routine is key to getting back in shape!

Prepare More Nutritious Food

Cut back on foods, especially snacks, that are low in nutrients but high in calories. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. You don’t need to stop eating carbs, but try not to use fatty spreads such as butter and mayo on your bread. Stick to drinking water or teas instead of drinks with lots of added sugar. Eat more fiber to improve your metabolism and give you more energy. Foods rich in fiber include sprouted whole grain wheat breads, oatmeal, and cereals.

Drink More Water

Increasing your intake of water is another important step. Water will not only curb your appetite and support your metabolism, but it will also help you feel better after overeating food that isn’t very nutritious. By drinking more water, you’ll flush out extra sodium, which will help reduce bloating. It will also stimulate your digestive system and relieve constipation.

Avoid the urge to go cold-turkey when getting back into shape after the holidays. Instead, ease back into a routine, incorporate more nutritious food into your diet, and drink more water. These steps will help you get back on track!