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Bodyweight training is similar to strength training. The difference is that instead of weights or machines, an individual’s own weight provides resistance against gravity. One of the simplest forms of exercise and conditioning available, it was used by ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. While it is a trendy activity in the present day, bodyweight training is still a crucial part of training for the American military.

Bodyweight exercises, which are classified as bursts of high-intensity activity, are meant to be alternated with periods of rest or moderate-intensity exercise. By shifting positions and raising your heart rate, you receive a cardio boost while gravity and your body weight combine to help you gain muscle. This type of workout simultaneously increases muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. 

The Whole Body Gets Trained

A full-body workout engages all the major muscle groups at once. Circuit training sets involve the back, knees, chest, shoulders, and arms. Squats, planks, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks are considered full-body exercises on their own since you actively engage your arms, legs, and core simultaneously.

Flexibility and Balance Improve

Since your body needs to steady itself when doing a bodyweight workout, a beneficial side effect is stronger core muscles and stretched ligaments and tendons. Building flexibility is exceptionally beneficial for injury prevention. The benefits of balance and versatility carry over to other aspects of your life. Your balance will improve when walking or bending down, as well as while jogging or doing other exercises.

It Can Be Done Anywhere

Bodyweight training can be done outside the gym. Whenever you have free time or need to decompress after a long day, you only need a short, 20-minute workout to feel improvements. Since exercises depend on your own body and gravity, you can remain consistent with routines without being dependent on equipment.

It’s Never Boring

Maintain your interest and push yourself by mixing up the exercises you perform and the workouts you do. There are numerous exercises to choose from that you can combine with other types of exercise performed in any order. Consider combining something offbeat, like yoga and rock climbing.

Anyone Can Do It

Any program can be custom-tailored to meet people’s needs, regardless of former training or current health conditions, doctor-permitted. People who are new to exercising can start by lowering the number of repetitions. If you currently do cardio a few times a week, add a day or two of bodyweight training to get started.