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People lead such busy lives, but they still want to find the time to exercise. This can be quite a challenge: Between work, taking care of the kids, and everything else that needs to happen in the day, who has time to go to the gym? Sometimes doing a few reps or cardio at home can make it easier to find 30 minutes or an hour to squeeze in a quick workout, but that means you need to sacrifice time on the high-quality equipment that your gym has to offer. Well, for fitness buffs who don’t have the time to make it to the gym, the PowerBlock weight set is the answer to your problem.

The creators of PowerBlock wanted to develop a dumbbell that combined the performance advantage of hand weights with their traditional spatial restrictions, such as the racks typically necessary to store all of them. In doing so, the team developed what they referred to as the “selectorized dumbbell,” or a dumbbell with adjustable weights so that users could enjoy the benefits of a full set of dumbbells without needing to actually purchase and store an entire set.

PowerBlock actually comes in a series of sets that have adjustable weights. For example, one set starts at five pounds per hand, but by adding weight, you can increase that to 125 pounds per hand for a more intensive workout. Plus, if all three stages are purchased, then the amount of weight can reach up to 130 pounds per hand. That degree of weight matches the range of just about every gym or health club out there, so I never feel like I’m doing a substandard workout whenever I lift weights at home.

On top of that, I find PowerBlock weights to be super quick to pull out and use, so there’s no need to waste time that I’d otherwise use for working out to set up the equipment. This also makes them easy to clean up and put away after my workout, and unlike a rack of dumbbells at the gym, my PowerBlock set doesn’t take up any room for storing between use.

In short, I’d recommend PowerBlock to anyone who’s looking for a full workout with weights in the convenience of their own home.