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We often think about exercise as it pertains to our physical appearance. Usually, it’s something many people don’t think about until beach season comes around and they start envisioning the photo ops in front of the ocean. And while liking the way we look and having a functional body is indeed not a bad thing, there’s much more to exercise than merely ‘slimming down’ or ‘bulking up.’

Exercise improves cognitive ability. This probably isn’t something that’s completely new to you. But have you ever thought of how exercise could improve your professional life? If someone told you that you could drastically improve your cognitive abilities within the next year, then you’d probably be interested in what they were offering, right? Well, exercise allows you to improve your mental and physical function at the same time.

Studies show direct ties between our physical and mental health.  And perhaps nowhere is our mental fortitude more important to us then during our time at work. Below are a few brain functions that exercise can help to improve:

  • Improved concentration
  • Sharper memory
  • Faster learning
  • Prolonged mental stamina
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Lower stress

Also, anyone who has any experience exercising knows that working out increases the mood of the individual, and a positive mood at work has been shown to provide immense benefits to the person walking in with the smile. Positive emotion can lead to greater creativity as well as overall greater satisfaction with one’s job, which in turns lead to more passion to fulfill one’s duties excellently. The exciting thing about exercise is that it improves emotional well-being, and, in turn, emotional well-being positively affects physical health.

Moreover, a positive attitude can help one’s personability in a work setting, which can, in turn, lead to greater opportunity, job promotions, and closer relationships with co-workers. Think about it, no one’s thrilled by the gloomy person in the office, but a positive attitude gives off the impression that you have strong interpersonal skills and are a leader that can show the respect and dignity those around you.

Next time you don’t feel like completing your workout, I encourage you to push through and complete the task. There are plenty of great workouts you can complete in about 15 minutes, and the benefits it will have on your work life will make your job performance better. And who doesn’t want that?