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Hiking is an excellent way to enjoy nature and get a little bit of exercise. It can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and in many different locations.


However, for individuals who have never hiked, they will enjoy the experience more if they follow a few tips:


Start Small And Plan Ahead


As a beginner, a person will want to plan the first hike for a distance that is not too far. A good rule of thumb is to use a distance that is about half of what a person can walk when the ground is level. Add about one hour on to the final estimated time for the hike for every thousand-foot rise in elevation.


Understand The Route To Be Taken


To get started, a trail should be selected. When possible, any data from the trail should be reviewed so that a person knows what to expect.


Is the trail a loop or does it require a person to stop at a certain point and turn around? If it’s going to be a long journey, it may be a good idea to pinpoint a spot where lunch can be taken.


Examine The Weather


The weather should be checked as the time for the hike draws closer, and it should definitely be examined a couple of hours before the actual hike takes place.


This will help a person know what type of clothes to wear and how to pack. If the weather looks like it could be detrimental to the hike, the excursion can be called off to avoid getting into trouble later.


Inform Others


Before setting out on a hike, an itinerary should be given to a person who is not involved. This way, if anything bad happens and hikers don’t return, a search party can be started to see if any help is required.


Pack Essential Items


It is good to be prepared before taking a hike by making a list of essential items. These include items like:


– Protection from the sun

– First aid

– A way to navigate

– Lighting for night

– Fire starting items

– Food and water


It is always smart to be prepared for the unexpected. The weather might change or someone may get hurt, which would dramatically change the complete aspect of the hike.


By following these tips, a beginner should have a successful hike that’s only the start of more fun journeys in the future.