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A common reason for not getting in shape is lack of access to a gym. While it is true that going to a gym can give a person motivation to exercise, it is not actually necessary. There are all sorts of great exercises a person can do at home to get in shape. Here are some tips for creating an improvised fitness routine that works out all the major muscle groups with basic tools that most people can find anywhere.


Get Comfortable With Bodyweight Exercises

Of course the most accessible weight in any improvised fitness routine is just the body itself. There are plenty of fun ways to train muscles just by forcing the body to move itself around. One of the most common options is squats, which work out the thighs, legs, back, and core. Some other options include planks, lunges, and pushups. Remember that the key to bodyweight exercise is repetition. Those used to working out with heavy weights in a gym will need to up their number of sets and reps to get similar results.


Find Ways to Get Cardio Even Without Leaving the House

People don’t need treadmills and exercise bikes to get their heart rate up. Of course the simplest improvised cardio is just going for a run around the block, but even those who are stuck inside can still find ways to get a little cardio in. Kickboxer Orion Lee finds that a thirty minute round of shadow boxing can work up quite a sweat. Others recommend jumping rope with random rope, ribbon, or even a bathrobe belt lying around. There are also all sorts of fun aerobic routines on YouTube that can be a great way to get cardio into an improvised workout.


Use Homemade Weights

So what should people do when bodyweight exercises are not enough to challenge them anymore? There are all sorts of household items that can be turned into weights that add a bit more intensity to a home workout. Heavy pots, cans from the pantry, large books, or small pieces of furniture can work well. Remember that water is fairly heavy, so filling up an old water can, gasoline can, or gallon jug with water can make an easy weight.