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When an adventurous summer shifts into a dreary winter, it’s easy to slip into hibernation mode. Delicious treats, fun vacations, and festive parties offer a tempting indulgence to overlook a regular fitness routine. Staying fit during the holiday season can be a challenge, but maintaining a strong wellness plan helps ring in the New Year with momentum and determination. From trying unique exercises to setting exciting fitness goals, follow these five tips to stay fit during the winter.

Develop A Self-Care Routine

According to the American Psychological Association, drastic weather changes can affect a person’s physical, emotional, and mental health. Instead of regarding winter as an experience to endure, try to enjoy its benefits. Develop a self-care routine to counter feelings of fatigue and loneliness. Get enough sleep, avoid contracting a cold, and engage in mindful activities that instill inner peace and reduce stress. Doing so will keep your mind healthy and increase your likelihood of staying physically active.

Try New Exercises

Finding workout regimens is easier than ever with YouTube and smartphone apps. Think outside the box with creative exercises by attempting something new at home or signing up for a class at a local gym. Don’t discount the advantages of outdoor sports. Take advantage of snow days with snowboarding, sledding, or skiing.

Manage Diet Limits

Though the occasional cookie or glass of eggnog isn’t the end of the world, a consistent binge of processed or sugary foods adds up. Be mindful of your daily intake of calories and portion control. Consider how recipes and meals can be modified or planned differently, especially at parties.

Change Daily Habits

Tiny actions that require little-to-effort can improve or inhibit one’s quality of health. Alter your daily habits to boost energy by making small changes such as parking further away than usual, taking the stairs, or working out while watching television. Tiny shifts can lead to significant results.

Track Fitness Activity

Make exercise a priority in a planner or monthly calendar. Set goals for the short and long term to challenge endurance, strength, and concentration. Track physical activity in a journal or download an app that offers input on progress. Exercising should be fun but also approached with accountability to achieve long-lasting success.