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Hiking can be a fun and adventurous activity that may prove beneficial to your health and take you to interesting places. That said, becoming a good hiker requires strength and endurance, as well as the ability to traverse through potentially difficult terrain. Here are a few tips prospective hikers can employ to properly train before partaking in the activity.


Establish Or Increase An Existing Exercise Program

Success and endurance as a hiker requires becoming physically fit. Prospective hikers are encouraged to begin their training by engaging in light activity, such as walking, several times per week. As endurance builds, would-be hikers are urged to partake in training regiments that build leg, back, arm, and upper body strength.


Purchase And Break In Hiking Shoes

Hiking is typically not undertaken in sneakers or casual shoes. Prospective participants are encouraged to purchase specifically designed hiking shoes or boots. However, said individuals should not wait until hiking day to break the footwear in. Experienced hikers urge newcomers to begin wearing their hiking shoes well in advance of a trek. Doing so significantly reduces the risk of developing blisters.


Learn The Terrain Of Specific Trails

Hiking experts advise rookie hikers to become familiar with the terrain of any hiking trail. The terrain of many trails will be different and have the potential to present their own set of challenges. Researching the specific aspects of a given trail will ensure that the prospective hikers are prepared to face whatever challenges exist and avoid injuries or other possible dangers.


Become Familiar With Hiking Gear

Hikers, particularly those who traverse long trails, carry equipment necessary to help them navigate the terrain as well as items that provide nourishment and protection. Aspiring hikers are encouraged to purchase and familiarize themselves with gear that matches their hiking goals. For example, all hikers should practice walking with their backpacks prior to beginning the trek. Additionally, if the journey requires camping overnight, hikers and their parties should have knowledge about how to properly pitch a tent.


Rest In Advance

Experienced hikers recommend that new or first time participants get adequate rest in the days leading up to the climb. Hiking is a physically demanding activity that requires its participants to be in top form, and rest plays a crucial role in establishing such a state. Training is essential, but overworking your body can be detrimental.