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A dog needs exercise and fresh air too, and when a hiker brings along her pet, she may have some protection from strangers. However, there are several important tips for hiking with a dog.


Tip 1: Is the Dog Physically Fit?

Older dogs or dogs with health issues such as heart disease or lung ailments aren’t usually able to go on long hikes. A pet owner should talk to her dog’s veterinarian about the risks of hiking.


Tip 2: Start With Short Hikes

A pet owner should begin with short hiking trips on level ground first to help a dog get into shape for longer hikes. Watch a dog carefully for any signs of fatigue that means that a pet needs to rest.


Tip 3: Bring Along Pet Supplies

A dog should have fresh water to drink and food to eat while on a hike, but a pet owner may not want to carry all of these items in her backpack. The good news is that most dogs can carry special backpacks that will hold the gear required for a hike.


Tip 4: Weather Protective Devices

It is important to protect a dog from inclement weather conditions, including dropping temperatures or heavy rainstorms. Fortunately, pet owners can find warm or water-repellent coats that will fit their dogs.


Tip 5: Have a Leash and Collar

Despite hiking in the woods or on a mountain, it is vital for a pet owner to keep a dog on a leash that is attached to a sturdy collar. This will keep a dog near an owner, and also, it will keep a dog from bothering other hikers.


Tip 6: Protection from Pests

A responsible pet owner should protect a dog from pests by making sure that the animal has received flea medication. In addition, it is a good idea to learn how to check a pet’s fur and skin for any ticks or other pests after each hike.


Tip 7: Have a First-aid Kit

Make sure to have a small first-aid kit that is suitable for a dog’s injuries. A dog can carry this item in the special pack that the animal carries on its back along with pet food and bottles of water.