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Running Helps You Lose Weight

It is a common misconception that running is the ultimate solution for losing weight. While it can help you lose weight and strengthen your endurance, it can also be detrimental to your metabolism. Weight loss occurs whenever your metabolism is running efficiently. Unfortunately, running can cause it to slow down. You will want to implement strength training into your routines to help you build muscle mass. Strength training helps to boost your metabolism. This means that you will help burn fat much faster. While running is still good for you, make sure you lift weights too.


You Have to Do X Amount of Minutes of Cardio To Stay Fit

People say that you need to work out for a certain duration of time in order to stay fit. Unfortunately, this theory is completely wrong. You want to focus on reaching your body’s maximum output percentage during workouts. There are exercises called HIIT (high-intensity interval training) that are aimed to help you reach your body’s maximum output. HIIT is designed to be short exercises that are done in bursts. Most HIIT exercises are done in about ten minutes. This means that you can get a quick workout in and call it a day.


You Have to Do Cardio Every Day

Some people believe that you need to push yourself further and do cardio every day. While it is good to get some light exercise done on non-training days, working out every single day of the week can hurt you. Your body will be unable to recover from the stress that it is being put under. This can lead to you getting sick or possibly injured. Make sure you keep a proper balance in your workout routine before you end up hurting yourself in the short term and long term.


Fasting and Cardio Work Together Well

There is a myth that fasting and performing a lot of cardio can help you lose weight faster. While there are benefits to fasting, this can actually be incredibly detrimental if you couple these together. Cardio exercises require you to fuel your body with nutritious calories. Fasting will put your energy tank on empty. Avoid fasting and exercising at the same time to prevent yourself from getting injured.