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When it comes to hiking, most experts would agree that this activity should not be done alone. Studies have shown that solitary hikers are 73 percent more likely to be severely injured than hikers traveling in a group of three or more people. Hiking in a group is far safer, and it is also a great way to build lasting friendships. Hiking has also been proven to be an extremely healthy activity. People that regularly hike have a much lower risk for heart disease, have fitter bodies, and generally have a far better state of mental health. Anyone looking to spice up their lives with an exhilarating and healthy activity should strongly consider taking up group hiking.



The number one benefit to hiking in a group is that it is far safer than solo hiking or hiking in a pair of two. Group hikers are far less likely to get lost, incur serious injury, or suffer from hypothermia than solo or paired hikers. Solo hikers who prepare for their trek may have a better advantage, but it is still undeniably safer to travel in a group than alone.


Bolster Friendships

One of the best ways to strengthen the bonds of friendship is to go group hiking together. Hiking requires people to stick together for safety, trust each other, and depend on others for basic needs. It is also an excellent way to build lasting memories with friends. Joining a hiking group is also a great opportunity to connect with people who share an interest in hiking, so you can build upon existing friendships and develop new ones.


It’s Cheaper

Hiking as part of a group is typically far cheaper than solo hiking, as core hiking expenses are divided up. Group hiking permits are far cheaper than solo hiking permits. Food and other basic hiking supplies can be purchased in bulk for a group discount.


Great Conversation

Another advantage of group hiking is that it is an excellent means to have great conversations. Without all of the day to day distractions, group hikers get a chance to talk to each other for long periods of time about a variety of different conversational topics.



Groups of people are a great means of motivation. For example, if a friend is down on their luck or depressed, they can be much more easily convinced to join a group hiking party as there are far more encouraging voices for them to listen to. Additionally, while in a group, it is much more difficult to simply stop to rest when it isn’t necessary, and giving up will be much harder with a group of passionate hikers supporting those who are feeling tired.